Humanity Multiplied

You and Me

Me and Them

Unto what separates us but the differences of men.

Critical faces occupying entitled places the divide is self inflicted, petty and predicted.

For the Eyes and Means, the I and Me are the harbingers of awareness wasted. For your humanity is not held within yourself but is held in another you see yourself within. Your solitude simplified to the most common denominator.

Solidarity bridges so many divides as we look to each other and ask, Why?

Who drew these lines that divide?

What loves do we share?

When did we loose each other?

Why must we fight?

How can we unite?

“Why” cancels so many divides, wiping the weary eyes and providing the means to an end.

And so questions will provide the unity critical faces want to hide.

Look into those entitled spaces and ask,


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