Mouse Hunt

I speak to pain a lot because that’s what you do when the elephant in the room is squishing you.

Hey buddy, what’s up?

Is that a tusk or are you happy to see me?

I saw a documentary once that mentioned elephants throw the biggest tantrums.

I believe it.

Could you move your trunk just two inches to the left?

Kinda moist, warm moist trunk breath in my face.

Personal space?

Where in the funk did you come from in the first place?

This room isn’t even big enough for both of us.

You should go

What did you say?

You love me

You won’t go away

But you’re stepping on my toes

You’ve sneezed all over my neck

Cant you just give me a break.

A moment to breath

What the heck?

Elephants never forget?

What does that mean?

Are you threatening me?

Is that a mouse?

That’s what I thought.

Grace unto pain

Backs the elephant away.

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