The ass backward bridges built by Trolls.

The architecture may seem sound as you peer up at it from underground. Your perfectly premeditated prose so purposefully administers your poison as you pray it paralyzed your foes. Another victim of a victorious slight to which the troll dances in delight, their steps out of rhythm with the rest of us.

I find it odd that what happens under bridges doesn’t happen above, abroad or aloft a higher road.

Why haven’t Trolls turned their toils towards more worthy goals? They seem so short sighted at the targets they have plighted for what worthy cause compels condemnation?

What worthy soul compels such an abhorrent proclamation, “I am here to smear, sneer and tear at your dignity.”?

What courage comes from under a bridge for bridges are built to span what divides them. And you’ve stayed and played under the shadows of division, compelled to constrict the shared vision that all people deserve their dignity.

Perhaps the shade of grace will keep you from stone if you dare venture into the light alone. Perhaps shade isn’t really your thing and the darkness is what you bring. In any case you have no power over me for what lives under bridges is beneath my feet.

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