The Replacement: Doomed by Design on Purpose

How "The Replacement" didnt see this coming.

What shells do we occupy and why do we even try to adorn them if the future already ignores them?
Genetically speaking the genomes journey becomes a slurry of shared steps to recreate the human condition we all endure and admire with an eventuality time has already conspired.
One could think their replacement a thing to be sluffed away like dead skin.
decayed and thin.
What ends come from incredible beginnings and those things that came from what once began.
What filters through is not exactly what is on demand and genetically speaking that pulls through over and over again.
Why is this important?
In some Vampire films, the Vampires can taste your entire history through your blood and see your entire life story before they disengage.
This bloodborn history is retained and remains in good faith and even in good flavor to tell a story.
Here is where “The Replacement” fails and is meant to fail by design.
We evolve and adapt to everything in the most fascinating ways and when I say everything, I mean everything and that is a very, very good thing.
As I peer into my own families history I can start to see a pattern. One of Artistry, Intellect and Mental health to which a common epigenetic trait repeats.
This epigenetic gem is the treasure that becomes a legacy trust within your family tree.
This is why “The Replacement” fails in legacy because adaptability always repeats.
What remains through all those seasons and replacements are those enduring quirky personality traits that won the day to persuade friendship and survival to tip in your favor.
That special spark that has traveled this entire way has already persuaded “The Replacement” to look the other way.
Thank that spark within yourself today and seek that spark in others.
The time tested tenacity of your good favor.
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Sean Harflinger

Gen X Creative and Tortured Artist

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