The one stroke joke

Comedy comes in many errors and the commandments of color display their sense of humor in the most ridiculous ways.

An artist may think they own the colors they command but they merely apply them to share a perspective.

The actual colors are akin to no one but the light that reflects them into existence.

And yet with eager entitlement many dip their brushes in the color that suites their delusions and with broad strokes coat the errors of comedies reproach.

And such a joke these strokes have become for even the most simplistic of art evokes a thought.

For perception enjoys a challenge and art invites the reflection of mirrors within a spectrums alteration of thought.

So who owns color but the light that illuminates comedies reproach.

Those broad strokes

Those bad jokes

Own those rags of thinner

Own what you take away from color when you force it to be something it’s not.

Because with one broad stroke you’ve defined color as a joke.

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