Your implicit bias is showing

My oldest daughters’ shirt, she wears it as a “thumb in your eye” kinda statement because to many, you’re just a label on a box in a game called “identity politics”.

I need this shirt just so I can skip by the subtle racism and bullshit implicit bias that slaps me in the face EVERYDAY.

I get it, it’s pretty obvious.

I’m a foreigner.

Not entirely sure why the need to point it out and expose yourself as a racist but booyaaa for you.

The part that breaks my heart is when you do it in front of my children.

They are already getting dealt the whole “you’re not Hawaiian enough” bullshit.

Growing up in a land that bears the same name as the blood in your veins but treated like you don’t belong isn’t right.

I apologize kids for all the crap you’ve got to deal with.

We’ve raised you with grace, humility and heart. Big Mahalos to the local sista who like point out the obvious in front of my boys today, creating that awkward moment that fueled the fire for a kick ass tricep workout.

Moving forward.You’re just another example of what not to do.

A real time lesson for my boys that treachery still slips past the lips of the intellectually dishonest.

I’ll switch my gym attire so we can skip past the obvious.

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